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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aussie Pale Ale with Aussie Licorice

Basic Beer from Cooper's, brewed on 1/16/11.  I added some Cascade Hops at a 15 minute boil.  Added some Ausssie Style licorice candy as well (experiment).  Got it for a dollar at the dollar store.  Might  as well do an Aussie one, all the Cooper's kits are from there anyways.  Estimated 6.5% abv.  The licorice added some color, darkened the beer, the wort tasted delicious, and gave me a good idea of the final product, should turn out nice.  The licorice is subtle, which is what I was aiming for.  I boiled the hops in water first with the licorice, then brought the water down to 155 F, added the sugars and Coopers can, then cooled it all down, pitched the Coopers yeast.  It was bubbling nicely after 24 hours at around 65 F.  OG 1.050.

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